Thanks for visiting us at the WoodenBoat Show in Mystic, Connecticut!  One of the best WoodenBoat shows---and one of the hottest---in recent memory.  (In the 90's and very humid.)  Here are some photos we snapped during the event.

 Chesapeake Light Craft WoodenBoat Show Booth
We had a record 33 boats in our booth this year, which translated into a four-truck caravan from Maryland and an awful lot of setup work on Thursday before the show.  
Family Boatbuilding at the WoodenBoat Show
There was the big booth, and then there was an even bigger distraction:  Family Boatbuilding.  We teamed up with WEST System Epoxy to build nine Sassafras 16's during the show. We glued up all the panels on the Thursday before the show so the families could get right to it on Friday morning, which is when this photo was shot.
 Family Boatbuilding at the WoodenBoat Show
We stitched up hulls all day Friday...
Family Boatbuilding at the WoodenBoat Show
...And glued the seams Friday night.
Family Boatbuilding at the WoodenBoat Show
On Friday night, the CLC crew cooled off at a reception on the 100-foot Alden schooner Summerwind, which belongs to the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  From left:  Joey Schott, Andrew Schade, John Harris, Nick Schade, Maggie Montgomery, Eric Schade, Matt Crooks, Matt Cordrey, Matt Cave. 
Paddling in Mystic
Some of the crew still had the energy for an evening paddle after the show.
Guide Boat Prototype in Mystic
We're fooling around with a prototype kit, a Guideboat-type designed by Eric Schade.  (It's early days for that one---no release date yet.)
Geoff Kerr sails PocketShip
 On Saturday, Geoff Kerr, who built PocketShip, actually got to sail it for the first time.
Family Boatbuilding at the WoodenBoat Show
 By Saturday afternoon we were putting rails on the nine Sassafras canoes.  Yes, that took a lot of clamps!
Family Boatbuilding at the WoodenBoat Show
By Sunday we had major assembly complete on all of the canoes.  We should have called it "Family Boatbuilding and Weight Loss Clinic" because everyone sweated off about 15 pounds in the heat over the weekend.
Mystic 2010 
Thanks, WoodenBoat, and see you next year, Mystic Seaport!