Model: Length: Hull Weight: Beam: Max Payload: Cockpit Size: Paddler Weight: Knee Height: Max. Men's Shoe Size:
Chesapeake 14 14' 0" 36 lbs. 21 in. 175 lbs. 31" x 17" 60 - 135 lbs. 10" 8
see other Chesapeakes 14 16LT 16 17LT 17 18 Sport Tandem Double Triple
Chesapeake 14 Configurations:
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Standard Configurations:
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Alternative Configurations:

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Materials List for Plans Builders:
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More than 9000 Chesapeake-series kits have been shipped since 1996. An enduring favorite among paddlers, the award-winning Chesapeakes are the gold standard for build-it-yourself sea kayaks. They are easy to build but handsome and fast. High-volume bows lift you over rough seas - or powerboat wakes - while the skeg-like stern prevents weather-cocking in blustery winds. CLC's signature cambered decks shed spray, increase the storage space inside the hull, add strength without weight, and look great. Chesapeake kayak builders explore quiet local rivers and paddle the length of the Sea of Cortez. They are used in expeditions above the Arctic Circle and for day paddling in Florida. Chesapeakes are built in garages, apartments, living rooms, television studios, and in at least 50 countries from Iceland to Australia.

You can watch a video of a Chesapeake kayak being built from start to finish here. 

Large storage compartments will absorb enough gear and water for long, unsupported expeditions. Cockpits are large and easy to pad out for a custom fit. The big, comfortable cockpit is an ideal spot to spend a lazy afternoon if multi-week expeditions aren't your speed.

Chesapeakes are built to endure a lifetime of strenuous touring with 4mm-okoume plywood hulls and decks, both sheathed with fiberglass. Watertight bulkheads are standard, as are hatches, deck rigging, adjustable footbraces, and a comfortable seat. One reason so many builders prefer the Chesapeakes is their flexible architecture, unique among kit boats. Experienced builders may customize every part of the boat above the waterline, whether building from a kit or plans.

Individual kayak fit is very important, so there are six singles, two doubles, and a triple to choose from. The 16LT and 17LT are standard Chesapeake 16 & 17 hulls with lower decks and sides, reducing total volume by 20% for a sleeker, more compact kayak. 

Small sea kayaks are often just cute versions of larger, more serious boats. The Chesapeake 14™ is a serious kayak in its own right, designed specifically for kids and small-statured adults who don't want to be left behind by the big boats. Hundreds of builders have registered delight at the Chesapeake 14's combination of speed, stability, and tracking.

Six young teenagers were given the chance to paddle and then review the Chesapeake 14TM among a fleet of 6 other kayaks; "The entire team commented positively about this boat's comfort . . . All of the team found the Chesapeake 14™ to be very stable . . . Everyone agreed that this was the fastest kayak of those tested . . ." see what each reviewer had to say - Sea Kayaker, June 2001

Do you fit in this kayak?  Study our kayak fit chart.  

Build this boat if:

  • You weigh less than 140lbs and are shorter than 5’6”
  • You want a traditional touring kayak that’s nimble, fast, and comfortable
  • You prefer a large cockpit and firm primary stability

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