Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (CA Glue) Medium Viscosity - 2oz

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Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (also known as "CA glue") is a fast-setting glue, beloved of hobbyists and modelmakers. This is a clear one-component, solvent-free system that does not require a catalyst, heat or clamps. Coat the mating surfaces, and when they make contact, atmospheric moisture produces a rapid polymerization with outstanding bonding. Since CA glue will wick into a joint, loose joints can be repaired without disassembly.

At CLC we use this glue for instant "tack welding" of wooden parts.  This includes puzzle joints, and parts where we might have used a wire stitch instead, like kayak bulkheads.  

While CA glue will cure on its own, we always use it with accelerator spray.  Apply the CA glue to the work, make sure everything is perfectly aligned, then give it a quick squirt of accelerator.  The cure is nearly instantaneous!  

CA glue does not replace epoxy in boatbuilding.  It is intended for tack welding components that will be fully reinforced with epoxy.  Nick Schade designs including the Night Heron SGPetrel SG, and Petrel Play SG recommend the use of CA glue during assembly.