CLC SailRig Sails

Ordering Options:


  • SailRig 40:  A 40sq.ft sail is more than enough for fast sailing in solo kayaks and canoes.
  • SailRig 55:  The 55sq.ft sail is a good fit for most double kayaks or for pushing single kayaks a little harder.
  • SailRig 70:  Unlike the 40 and 55, the 70sq.ft. sail requires strategic reinforcement of the host kayak to handle the loads and a specially equipped mast (including sail track). This option should be reserved for sailors with some skill and for kayaks with enough bow volume to handle the speeds without "submarining."  

The sailrig sails are generally not in stock.  They typically take about three weeks to be built by our sailmaker; call or email us to check availability or for more details.  Most orders will be shipped directly from the sailmaker to the customer. 

 Read this article for the entire 17-year evolution of the CLC SailRig.