Re: Mill Creek - No Exp

Posted by Paul Gow on Feb 1, 2008


I just completed my MC 16.5 in December. The real attraction to this boat for me was the ability to row it as well as paddle. I have the row wing and carbon fiber oars for rowing as a single which is how I use it most. I have the seat cleats located for use as a double which is fine for double use, but not ideal for single paddling. For that, you should plan to be able to locate a seat at about the fore and aft center of the cockpit, otherwise going into the wind makes steering pretty tough. I glassed the interior cockpit sole and still managed to keep the weight to 65 pounds. I can get her on and off the car by myself which is a real plus. She's a fun boat.

In Response to: Mill Creek - No Exp by Danielle on Jan 31, 2008