Re: Slow-roast Duck

Posted by laurie on Mar 12, 2008

Thanks for the photo, Laszlo. As usual, here's a duck question for you. The bulkhead in your photo is shaped like a trapezoid at the top and in the most recent version of the manual, the parts list shows a similarly shaped bulkhead making it much easier to fill in the gap between the bulkhead and deck when the two are attached.

In my early kit, the bulkhead is a couple of inches lower and is straight across the top. Any ideas on how to approach filling what will likely be a gap of 3 inches or so between the bulkhead and deck on my kit? Perhaps tack-welding a strip of scrap wood to the top of the bulkhead?


In Response to: Slow-roast Duck by Laszlo on Mar 12, 2008