Re: Epoxy on vynel ester

Posted by Garland on Mar 30, 2008

I was surprised to learn that vinylester resin was a little more expensive than epoxy resin. I suspect that the builders who do use it rather than epoxy prefer it because it handles like the polyester resins their workers are familiar with, and I assume it sets up rapidly as well, compared to epoxy. I had a repair made to my boat (isothalic resin) and the guy recommended vinylester rather than epoxy as that was more in keeping with the construction, but I think the rapid setup was as important to him. If it is just the finishing coat, I think I'd stick with the vinylester, just to keep everything the same. FWIW, it would be more resistant to sunlight, although you will probably paint it anyway. But to answer your question, epoxy bonds to the other polyester resins, and I think to include vinylester. The reverse is not true.

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