Re: Paint varnish and pri

Posted by Chris J. on Mar 30, 2008

I would finish the varnishing then bring the paint edge to the varnish. Make sure you use fine line masking tape to get a crisp edge. I'd let the varnish cure for at least a week before masking and painting. I painted my hull white then used fine line tape then a strip of blue to get the effect below .The fine line tape is under the wider masking tape for extra protection. I used Interlux Pre Kote primer on my hull. Once dry you'll sand most of it off (easy sanding)and any minor imperfections will hold the primer and you'll end up with a car-like finish. Use a yellow roller and tip with a good foam brush when applying the finish coats. I used Interlux Brightside for the hull and strip. If you thin the Interlux a bit it settles really well for a nice glossy finish.


In Response to: Paint varnish and primer? by Ryan Stephenson on Mar 30, 2008