Re: Pop up & kayak

Posted by gober on Apr 1, 2008

I found a bit of information where some people swear that you should not put anything on top but others say they have been doing it for years. I usually haul them on top of my little Nissan Sentra, but now that I have a popup I am looking at different possibilities. Foam padding may be enough support but I am just not sure. The popup is 15 years old and didn�t come with the owner�s manual so I am not sure about load limits. I cut some 2x4�s to match the luggage rack on top of my wife�s van, that works pretty well but I may not always have access to her van. I may have to be content to barrow and car top on my brother�s �man van�. It would be easier to load and unload on top of the popup. If anyone has carried a kayak on a pop up I sure would like to hear about your experience.



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