Introducing the CLC Ultralight Dinghy

A personal project of John Harris, this is a 40-pound dinghy with a 425-pound payload.  John's discussion of the design, with drawings and photos, is here.  Dimensions are 72-1/2" x 40-1/2".  Light and nimble, this is a good solution for someone with limited dinghy storage space, and the need to carry the boat solo across the parking lot.  The boat rows well with six-foot oars and can carry two adults and a child in calm conditions.  One person plus groceries could row a long way across a rough anchorage.  

This is a rowing dinghy whose primary design brief is extremely light weight and compact storage. No provision for outboard power or a sailing rig exists or will be made available.  Drop us a line if you have questions about this new design!  The CLC Ultralight Dinghy


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