Lofting from small plans


 I am a first time-builder and I'm planning to build a S&G chesapeak 17LT from plan..But here the problems start, I am not familiar with lofting from small plans, I tend to think that making a kayak from realsize plans is easy, because I do not know how to loft from small plans.

According to Larry is easy! But I am not convinced yet..about my capabilities to do this..Mainly because I have no clue how to do is, especially with a S&G kayak...

I can imagine taking all the stations of the plan and than shaping the strips around it etc etc..But how does it work with S&G chesapeak?


Alexander Supertramp

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RE: Lofting from small plans


I replied in your other thread, but again, there is no lofting needed when you build a 17LT from CLC's plans. CLC has already done the lofting, all you do is transfer the measurements from the plans to the wood, connect the points with a pencil line and cut. Straight lines are drawn with a straight edge, curved lines with a long thin flexible piece of wood called a batten.

Unfortunately, the process is not shown in the Shop Tips. However, here's a picture of John Harris building a Jimmy Skiff (looks like when he was 15 years old) and you can see the reference lines on the transom and the bottom.


Here's a couple of links to another company's website where their tutorial describes the process. (NOTE - their kayaks are not as nice as CLC's) :

Drawing Panels

Drawing Curves

Again, their kayaks are not as nice as CLC's, but it's a good description of the building from plans process.



RE: Lofting from small plans

Laszlo, thanks for the correction.  I mistook "transfering dimensions" for "lofting," whereas, as you say, lofting is part of the design process....

But I'll stick with my original intent, transferring the lines is quite simple.  The biggest help I had was a true, 12 foot long aluminum straight edge to draw my bottom edge, from which all lower and upper dimensions were plotted.  That, combined with a verticle line every 12 inches (for the hull dimension placements) assured a true baseline and gave me very good results.

Suppertramp, good luck again, and don't over-think this, it's really as straight forward as Laszlo says above,


RE: Lofting from small plans

Thanks for the info, Laszlo and Paisyny.  To be candid, I found Paisyny's response the more interesting of the two.  Laszlo tends to ignore the Oklahoma geographical and historical aspects in his posts, I suspect because he has a typical East-coast anti-Sooner bias.

RE: Lofting from small plans

Thank you very much laszlo and larry! I'm ordering right now and will keep you posted!

Alexander Supertramp!

RE: Lofting from small plans

Alex, glad to have helped. I'm sure you'll have fun.

Larry, I envy your 12-ft straight-edge.

Camper, no anti-Sooner bias here. Au contraire! I've spent aprroximately equal amounts of time living on either coast, so Oklahoma is actually my average home state.



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