filling a hollow

I've completed stripping the deck on my wife's shearwater 16h. In an area where ran the decor strip there is a bit of a hollow area. I think I can get most of it out by sanding, but not all. Since it's a spot where there are several colors of wood I'm thinking of filling with clear epoxy and sanding before glassing. Has anyone done this?

Here is a pic of the area in question. Sorry it's a bit out of focus 



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RE: filling a hollow


You have to sand before you do anything to get down to the 'clean wood'- no glue etc. Beware trying to raise a low area with epoxy thickened with cell-o-fil. Turns kind of cloudy looking even if the color seems right mixed with wood flower [it showed on my last boat]. If the area that needs to be raised is dark, you may be able to get away with wood flower alone as a thickening agent. I successfully raised a low area maybe an 1/8" with little pieces of fiberglass cloth layered over and over in epoxy. Came out absolutely clear. Amazing- doesn't show at all. But, maybe I was lucky. 


RE: filling a hollow

Thanks Lew,

That's kind of what I was thinking. Any kind of filler or overlayed slivers of wood would show. I'm going to get the deck glued down, do the rough sanding and see what I have to do at that point.


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