Towing Eastport Pram

I intend to use my Eastport Pram as a tender for my sailboat. Does anyone have any experience setting up these boats for towing?  The padeye looks a bit light for the shocks resulting from towing a tender through wakes, etc.  I am considering putting two cleats forward for a bridle. Thoughts?

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RE: Towing Eastport Pram

I have always towed dingies by a ring-bolt in the forward transom.  This gives you some flexibility in the vertical positioning although you would need to talk with someone who has towed this boat to get the right position the first try.  I do suspect that cleats are going to be to high.

This of course is all slightly educated speculation.  Hopefull you will hear from someone who has towed this boat.


RE: Towing Eastport Pram

I have towed my Eastport Pram behind my 32 ft sailboat in winds of up to 20 knotts and speeds of 6.5 knotts. The pram tracks perfectly, partially due to the deep long skeg. My padeye is just at seat level and has a bronze through bolted backing plate. This seems to be a perfect location and the pram rides at a perfect angle. I also needed to fill the daggerboard slot with mini cell foam to keep the water from spurting up the opening and filling the boat.


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