Polyshades on Epoxy


I want to put a stain over epoxy/fiberglass. Yea, I know, supposed to put the stain[water-base] down first before the glass. After putting glass on my current project, I have decided I want the inside of the boat darker. Will get the epoxy very smooth/ready then apply Minwax Polyshades[Polyurethane with stain in it]. Planning on several thin coats until I get the desired 'look'. Buff/scotch brite smooth & then varnish, probably with Captains. I will be doing a test but is this going to work?

Thanks, Lew

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RE: Polyshades on Epoxy

Lew, I don't about chemical compatibility but I REALLY dislike working with that product.  It's very difficult to avoid having lap marks working on a large area, where brush strokes overlap, etc.  Seems like several coats would compound that problem.  As you say, test it first.  Good luck with your project. 


RE: Polyshades on Epoxy

I've had some experiences with Polysheds product and would not use...ever.

Doesn't go on smoothly or evenly, and don't even try to go back over a wet edge..it tacks up so fast that you end up with a gloppy spotty mess.

 Nice idea, but the product doesn't perform well.

RE: Polyshades on Epoxy

Polyshades is for interior use. Check with your varnish manufacturer to see if there's a compatible colorant (dye or stain) that can be added to the varnish. Be aware that some colorants are more lightfast than others, but all will fade somewhat in the sun.

Cheers, Pat

RE: Polyshades on Epoxy

Thanks for the feed-back. That's what I was afraid of. I was hoping over-coating with Captains varnish with the UV protectorant would prevent fadding. I could try spraying it but that would probably really create a mess. Any other ideas?

RE: Polyshades on Epoxy

The UV protection will help. By tinting your varnish, you'd be creating your own (better) version of Polyshades. I'd ask Pettit if the Captain's can be tinted, and if so, what type of colorant (UTC, etc.) can be added. Then find a local paint store that can mix it up for you.

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