CH 18 Launched

Well after a long build, the CH 18 finally got wet today.


Overall, I am very pleased with how it looks and how it handles from the small paddle that I did.


I still have some finishing touches to do, such as deck rigging, but wow, I'm impressed!


Pictures -

A few short videos on the water.

I had my GPS with me today and in pretty flat, but 15knt wind, I was moving along at a respectable 7-10km/h which is not too bad considering I have not paddled for about 6 months.



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RE: CH 18 Launched

Well done, Bob! And you even had a nice sand beach to launch from so you didn't have to worry about the boat's bottom.

I was a little curious as to why you had the complete outfit on since it looked to be such a nice day, then I realized that it's the dead of winter where you are, so you're probably not boiling in those clothes. (It's 35 C here as I write).

Congratulations and have fun with your new boat,



RE: CH 18 Launched

Thanks for the comments... Yes, It was a very nice winters day - but with water temp around 8 C and it was only 14 C with a 15+ kn wind all the thermals were needed to keep warm!

Now, just find the nice days and get a few hours up and learn the characteristics of this boat.

RE: CH 18 Launched

Great looking kayak Bob !!!

I paddled a CH 17 once and loved it. 

Looks like you have some great places to use your new kayak. Have a blast.

Will you build another kayak to go with this one ?


RE: CH 18 Launched

beautiful boat.  nice paint scheme.  you look good paddling--it appears you've graduated to the deep end.  :)

RE: CH 18 Launched

Lou - I am not sure if/when I will build another one....

I am pretty big, and lets face it, there are hardly any Fast boats for the big paddler - the CH18 is basically as good as it gets.  If anyone knows of a faster boat in the ~18ft size that will carry me (300+lb) would love to check it out!

K4W - I am pretty happy so far, just need to get a few hours of water time.

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