interlux brightside

Does anyone have some experiance with spraying Interlux Brightsides? I've got the Pre-Kote drying on the topsides of a Pocketship and trying to roll on the color coats isn't a pleasent thought.




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RE: interlux brightside

Hi Chris.  I never sprayed Brightside but did roll it.  It took two coats and a touch-up, but the end resilt was GREAT and has lasted 5 years (so far).  The key is to use THIN coats.  When rolling, it almost feels like there is no paint on the roller.  Roll out about 5', then tip with a DRY foam brush.  The first coat will NOT completely cover, but the second coat will...   Not sure where you are located, but it is best to start the project at arounf 75 degrees, with the temp slowly falling. I had a few runs, hence the light sanding and "third" coating of a few spots.....   Go for it... You will be pleased...    ~BRUCE~

RE: interlux brightside

Brightside flattens out beautifully as it cures, which takes a couple of weeks. As bruce wrote, roll it on thin, tip it out quickly with a foam brush, then leave it alone. Much easier and neater than spraying. -Wes

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