SUP deck pads

Looking to order my kit soon.   when I look on the photos it appears that many have different deck pads?   I like the look of the longer pad with the ridges in it over the smaller pads it appears come with the kit.  

When ordering the kit can you get different pad options or are people just customizing that themselves and finding those pads someplace else?

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RE: SUP deck pads

hmmmmm ... I don't have a clue what you're talking about.

What do you want to buy (which kit)?

English is not my mother tongue, but I've found about 275 different german words for "pad" :-)). And what do you mean with "pad" and "ridge"?

RE: SUP deck pads

I think CLC sells only one size pad. I used it and it's fine as long as you don't want to step to the back of the board to do a quick turn. Google "surfboard pads" and you'll have a lot to choose from. SEEYA Jack

RE: SUP deck pads

CLC can cut out the long pads for you or at the least sell you the material so that you can cut your own.

I have the long pads on both the 14 and 12'6" and can't imagine just having the short pads but yet I paddle my boards in any condition not just smooth water and have been all over the deck

14 and 12'6"

RE: SUP deck pads

Check out Seadek.

RE: SUP deck pads

Many of the pictures we feature on our site, are of customers boats. Some of the Deck Pads featured in the photos were sourced by the builders.  

The material we use to cut the pads is Sea Dek and is available in full sheets (39" x 77") or half sheets (38 1/2" x 39"). I can't say enough about the quality of these pads. The cockpit of my power boat (yes, I do own a gas guzzling carbon emmiting power boat) has been covered with Sea Dek for 5 years now. It has held up beautifully to the abuse I put it through, when fishing. It is easy on your feet and is the best non-skid surface I have ever stepped on. 

We like to think of ourselves as responsive to customer input, which led us to do a little program work in order to offer longer deck pads. The long version, has been programmed to be cut on the CNC machine and many sets have been sold. They will be an option on the site shortly for standard or long pads. If anyone would like to order a kit with long pads, give me a call or an email.

RE: SUP deck pads

Not applicable to clc kits I suppose, but if doing your own pads, check out Hydroturf. Both Seadek and Hydroturf will send you free samples to see the color as well as the "feel". My background is sailing, and the Hydroturf has worked well for me.

RE: SUP deck pads

I will be ordering my kid tonight when I get home.   any way I can specify the long pads on the order form?



RE: SUP deck pads

They have updated the order site to include and option for a long deck pad upgrage for $30.  



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