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Hi. I am building a Kaholo 14. First build and from a kit.

I am at the point that I have stitched everything together. There is daylight coming in here and there. Is this normal? Small gaps so to say. There is nothing in the directions about getting rid of them nor is there anything saying they are ok. It looks like I should sand a couple of the bulkheads to make the fit tight. The issue is where the bottom panel meets the side panel. The fillet will fill them in. I sanded the one along the side seam a bit and there are still a couple more. I am probably going to take them out and sand them but is the daylight showing through normal?

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RE: stitching question

A gap that your fingernail or a piece of posterboard would fit through is OK, anything larger than that you will want to close up better. 

Sometimes it really helps to have another set of hands close the gap tight while you stitch it so it will stay tight.  If you are painting the hull it is less critical but for a natural finish youll be glad you spent the extra effort.

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