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Hi Everybody,

I'm seriously considering building a Kaholo 12-6. The issue is that I already have a 17LT and wood duckling that I cartop and fitting the SUP up there might be asking too much. Anyone with experience/suggestions for cartopping three vessels?  I have saddles for the 17 and I just strap the ducking to the cross bars. I've thought about putting both boats on edge with J-carriers and having the SUP flat in between. My load bars are only 50" wide though and I'm not sure it'll work. Longer bars with the J-cradles outboard of the roof rack feet crossed my mind. I've also considered piggybacking the duckling on top of the SUP with some sort of cushion between. Any issues with compression, etc. with this approach? Fewer boats? Bigger car? I really can't afford much in the way of an entirely new roof rack system and a trailer is out of the question. Thanks for any suggestions!

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RE: habit forming

My darling daughter carries two 14' Kaholos on the roof rack on her Dodge Neon. Stacks them. Short pieces of fat swim noodles between the boards, a couple straps and a nose & tail tie down and off she goes. Worked for 100 mile excursion and a few 40 mile hikes to the coast.

RE: habit forming

Thank you hokeyhydro. I'm thinking of going the stcking route. I appreciate your insight.

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