Kayak Cart

I was looking at Kayak carts, read reviews, and was unsure what to do.  I found this site, and just built the cart to the exact specifications, and it came out great, really impressed.  Total cost was about $35, using two 20% off coupons from Harbor Freight.


I am in Florida for the winter with 2 plastic boats and this is just the answer to getting them to some fishing sites.

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RE: Kayak Cart

CLC has plans for a home built kayak Cart.  I built one and it works great. Use 2 straps to hold in place.  built them from leftovers from the kayak kit. 


See link below.


Lots of other good tips for boatbuilders.




RE: Kayak Cart

It's a dececent lookin cart for sure. I originally built a clc cart, at least it was a similiar version and it worked well. I was modified a couple of times when I switched to surfskis ( under stern rudder). I now use a modified trolley from  Bunnings (similiar to Home Depot) that cost me $20. even has pnuematic tyres.

I have often thought about building a timber version of the C Tug cart but the trolley ricks all of my boxes.

Thans for link

RE: Kayak Cart

The one warning about the kart; if you buy the wheels from Harbor Freight, the STINK.  The smell lingers.  They were in the truck for about half an hour, and the truck still smells a week later. What I like, is, I don't have to carry 40-50 lbs and longer, I just roll it.  Getting lazy I guess.

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