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I attached the deck to my Kaholo 12-6 last night. All seems to have gone mostly well in re: to gluing the deck to each bulkhead. This was my biggest concern. However, I did notice that in one spot there is some give. Directly above bulkhead #5 on the port side there is about a 3 inch section that gives about 1/8 inch when pressure is applied. On either side of that section it seems like the deck is secured to the bulkhead. Not sure if there was a dip in the bulkhead at that spot or if I didn't use enough epoxy there. In any event I was just wondering how critical it is to get this section glued down. Perhaps once glassed it won't be an issue? Any advice on how to glue it? I was thinking of drilling through the deck right at the bulkhead, injecting epoxy and then applying weights. Thanks for any help!


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RE: so close...

yes drill small hole and inject epoxy resin apply weight. Epoxy should be thickend a little. you can get syringes from west systems , or hardware store in glue section. Or basting syringes in some super markets. Do so before glassing.

RE: so close...

Thanks Wood Ogre. That's the route I'll take.


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