Passagemaker Sailing Performance

I am nearly complete with my first build (17LT) and am day dreaming about my next project (I know, it is a sickness).  I am looking for an easy to transport boat that is fun to sail.  The primary use will be exploring the small waters of Florida but I may attempt a longer solo multi-day adventure.  My original plan was to build a sailing rig for the 17LT but now I am considering a Passagemaker Take-Apart instead.  Clearly the Sailing Rig will be faster but I could take my bride on the Passagemaker and it will make a fun tender when we are cruising our Nimble Arctic.

I am looking for some feedback regarding how well the Passagemaker sails.  I am guessing that it would out sail an Opti but not a Laser.  Comparison with other sailboats would be great.  Thanks.

17LT Construction Complete

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RE: Passagemaker Sailing Performance

Don't forget to check out some of these which are cut in kit form by CLC:

RE: Passagemaker Sailing Performance

Hi Mark,

I love the way my PDM sails!  It moves along in the slightest whisper of a breeze as well as handling some rather heavy air.  They are stable when you want them to be, and FAST when you want speed. 

Check out the Passagemaker builders forum at: for lots of great information on the PMD!



RE: Passagemaker Sailing Performance

Id personally opt for a double kayak sailrig over the passage maker any day. Now that im acclimated to the kayak sailrighigh performnce the monohulls dont do it for me anymore unless its a Laser or the like.  I hughly doubt theres anything Laser about the Passage Maker performance it seems muchmore a sedan than a sports car.  In a good blow itll do fine i gues, but downhill, a 70s vw bug will hit 100 - doesnt mean its a fast car.

Get a Chesapeake Double and sailrig, on the days ou have free the sailrig will easiky convert to the kayakyou just made. Opt for the 70 sq ft sail.

dont sail a volkswagon


RE: Passagemaker Sailing Performance

The PassageMaker is a tender for a larger boat and optimized for haulink freight, equipment, and people. The sail option is for those big rigs that want to also have a sailing tender. So expect the performance to be a compromise.

RE: Passagemaker Sailing Performance

Mark, you are looking for a "fun to sail" boat. Whether or not speed is an important ingredient in your fun is not self-evident. I built a PMD two winter ago (with lug rig) and find the boat a lot of fun to sail even though I knew from the get-go that it would not provide the speed thrill of my MX-Ray or Johnson18. The source of enjoyment in sailing a PMD are of quite a different sort.

The PMD is a feisty little boat, stable and strong. In a decent breeze it'll give you a nice sense of moving along but I suspect that it won't be the best choice if you need to cover a lot of ground quickly. CLC has other sailboats that will be much faster.

I've sailed the kayak sailrig at the last OkoumeFest and it sure was fast and fun. But I would not recommend it if you are looking for a multi-day solo adventure in FL flat waters (possibly including your bride).

Probably the best choice for that job would be Northeaster Dory. The lug-rig option would be my choice.

You mention the PMD take apart option. I assume that you are contemplating the possibility of storing it on your Nimble Arctic? Obviously you could not do this with the NE Dory. Other than that the transporation of the PMD and the NE Dory are going to be equally easy with a small boat trailer.




RE: Passagemaker Sailing Performance

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RE: Passagemaker Sailing Performance

Thanks very much for the inputs.  All of your comments have helped clarify my thinking.  Although I don't have to make a decision for a while, I am leaning towards the sailing rig.  This is the standard trade off between comfort and performance, and as a former Laser owner who now has a Nimble Arctic, I know both extremes.

My goal is to have a boat that is easy to transport and set up for use in circumstances when I don't want to hassle with the Nimble.  Examples would be  a quick morning day sail during our hot summers or something to take to one of the many lakes in central Florida.  If this boat were capable of something extended (like Watertribe or FL120), I might do one of those events.  If it were capable of carrying a second person, the Admiral and I would use it together but not for anything extended.  If it were capable, I might use it as a tender for the Arctic although we have a Hobie Mirage Outfitter which works wonderfully for that.  What ever I go with, it must fit in my garage and be transportable either in the bed of my truck or on an overhead rack.
It was actually the sail rig that first attracted me to CLC.  Initially I considered building a Mill Creek 16.5 with sail rig but elected to go with the 17LT for a first build because I needed a bigger single kayak more than I need another tandem.  I figured if I liked building I could follow with the sail rig and then add the Mill Creek if I still felt the need.  I understand that I will need to make a second set of akas but otherwise the sail rig could be used on either kayak.
My interest in the PMD came about when I realized I could have one for virtually the same investment (both $ and man hours) as the sail rig alone.  Given the comments above, I suspect that it is farther into the "comfort" side of the compromise than I want to be.
A couple of questions for Pete.  What type kayak do you use with the sail rig?  How well does it tack?  What kind of speeds do you see?
Thanks again for everybody's inputs.  They are truly appreciated.

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