Petrel build problem

Took the forms out of the hull after finishing stripping the deck.  Put them back in, and the hull was spread.  Hot glue tacked the hull back to the forms, finish sanded, stained and glassed the hull exterior with layer of glass, and one fill coat  when almost not tacky.  Broke the hull loose again, the hull was spread put the deck on the forms to keep it safe, then sanded and glassed the interior, using carbon fiber in the cockpit area, and glass forward and aft of the cockpit, with one fill coat when still slightly tacky.  Let it sit for a few days, not paying much attention to it.  Today I put the deck on the hull to see if I had to do any adjusting, and the hull is about 1 1/2" narrow of the deck.  I tried spreading it by hand with the deck on but not fastened in any way, and the hull is really stiff and doesn't seem to want to spread.  I just walked away from it to give it some thought.  Tomorrow I will try to put the center part of the forms in to see it it will go back, but I have some serious doubts.  I don't know, until I attemp to put the forms in if it is just the sides, or if the bottom came in also.  It is almost as if the carbon fiber shrunk, which is highly unlikely.  The carbon fiber does really create a stiff hull.  I am thinking worse case is heat gun, and start stripping the interior.  Any thoughts? I have used gallons of epoxy for wood working, laminating and a couple of builds, both S & G and strip, I have never experience deforming after glassing.

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RE: Petrel build problem


Put spreader sticks in the hull and let it set out in the sun. The wood is trying to return back to it's natural shape and drawing in the hull. My Petrel, is not glassed on the interior, and drew up several inches while I was building the deck.  It will spread back out, the carbon just increases the difficulty.

RE: Petrel build problem

Thanks, I will give it a try.  The Carbon fiber really stiffens the boat.  

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