Window for NE'r Dory sail

Has anyone had a window installed in the mains'l of the sloop rig?

Can one be ordered as an option?

Could you still have reef points with it?

Just wondering. I don't bend as well as I used to - plus I'm getting lazy.

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RE: Window for NE'r Dory sail

Call CLC and talk to any of the guys in Customer Service.   I wanted 2 reef points in my lug rig sail and they were very helpful to discuss placement then they marked the order so the sailmaker would do that...the sail arrived recently and they did a nice job.


If you have just one reef point I would bet a window could be put above the reef points, but I wouldnt sugest having  window material along the line between the clew and tack in the reefed position...but, the guys at CLC know best!!

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