Chesapeake Luxury Craft 33

The write up is interesting. I was wondering though what size opening I would need to get the 33 out of the basement?

The 180 would better meet my needs and since I would have to sell the house, car, first born, and soul to get the kit the opening size is moot.

Any idea what the shipping on the three options would be (in lire)?

I could call her The First of April.

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RE: Chesapeake Luxury Craft 33

Yes I think John bumped his head much harder than he thinks ! Cat , you name yours The First of April and I will name mine April Fool ! If I had a ton of money and a longer life I would love to take on building this boat but I would need a smaller boat to sail in the mean time !  Theres going to be a long line outside CLC monday of guys wanting a kit for this one. You better get there early so you don't miss out. I'll be the guy camped out in the front of the line in the little blue tent ! See ya monday !  

RE: Chesapeake Luxury Craft 33

   What would be a nice option for the eletronics package is John's play list loaded on a flash drive like Wooden Boat offers for their back issues. It could be a tall lanky Lego figure playing a saxaphone.

RE: Chesapeake Luxury Craft 33

Personally, I prefer the classic elegance of the Einbaum (which I've been building from plans for the last 2 years, the kit having been eaten by a local beaver).

The real scary thing is that the order entry system lets you actually put this in your cart and proceed all the way through to entering your credit card info. It may even let you attempt to charge your card, but I chickened out. Way too much explaining to the spouse if the charge went through.



RE: Chesapeake Luxury Craft 33

Let's see, 5000 hours of construction, but I may be a little slow, so say about 7000 hours.  I built my kayaks averaging about 2 hours a day, 5 days a week.  So, 3500 days with 250 days per year means that if I start when I retire, I will be sailing around age 80!  I'll be heading to that waiting line right now.

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