River/creek (and maybe lake edge) fishing boat


I have always liked the Mill Creek, particularly the 13, as a small, stable fly-fishing boat that could be used not only for lake edges but also rivers and small rivers/creeks to get to less highly-trafficed trout spots.  Plenty of room for day-tripping gear, stable, easy to move around in, etc.

But before I leap into making one, I was interested in other opinipns on boats for the same purpose.  I'd like to hear any feedback on the Wood Ducks, canoes, micro Bootlegger, etc.  I am leaning towards the MC or WD, but open to other suggestions.  Something that could handle the odd pebble flow and small rapids, a little bit of chop in lakes, but is really a down-river and lake-edge boat.


Melbourne, Australia

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RE: River/creek (and maybe lake edge) fishing boat

Hi Darren,

I've never fly-fished, but I have been fishing from my WD12. I've also put lots of miles onto it since I built it, in varied conditions.

It definitely handles the bumpy conditions well - I've been caught in a small craft advisory with it and got back safely. I've also taken it through small surf (1/3 m) to land on and launch from a beach. We also went upstream on a tight & twisty river, with lots of shallow spots and fallen trees. A fisherman I met on that trip couldn't believe that I'd gotten through all that. Then it was downstream to get home again, manuevering through the mess with the current behind me now.

I did 35 km that day, and the ability to move my legs and stretch out in the cockpit is all that kept me from being a cripple at the end.

For best performance, I've found that packing the boat for travel (gear tightly stowed, properly balanced, spray skirt on) and repacking it for fishing (no spray skirt, fishing equipment conveniently spread out in cockpit, stringer over the side) upon arrival works best. Then a repack to travel configuration before heading home.

I'm very happy with my WD12. I've had paddling boats that were faster and more seaworthy, and I've had paddling boats that were more comfortable, but the WD12 does the best job of combining those attributes that I've encountered.

Good luck,



RE: River/creek (and maybe lake edge) fishing boat

Thanks Laszlo.  The WD is definitely one to consider then.

 Interested in other replies/options, otherwise I have my shortlist!


RE: River/creek (and maybe lake edge) fishing boat

Have you had a good hard look @ the Sea Island Sport?   I know a guy in Coffs Harbour who has one almost completed for serious off-shore fishing.   It looks pretty robust, stable, plenty of room for fishing gear, etc.   Might just be worth considering.   Good luck anyway...


Lol from Brisbane Australia

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