Wiping Marine Varnish

For those who love brightwork, this is an interesting article about varnishing technique - <a href="http://smallboatsmonthly.com/article/wiping-varnish/">Wiping Varnish</a>.

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RE: Wiping Marine Varnish

Interesting article. What he describes is basically John Harris' Okoumefest varnish demo with 2 differences - John does not thin the varnish and uses a foam brush for application as well as tipping out. I've also tried the same technique with a roller for application once just to see if I liked it better than the foam brush applicator.

The common theme in all these techniques is to put on the thinnest coat you can and don't lose the wet edge. It seems that however that's accomplished will work.

Thanks for the link.

BTW, for those who want to read the article without registering, just turn off javascript in your browser and the sign-in screen will be bypassed.

Have fun all, it's Spring and the epoxy is curing and the varnish drying again,



RE: Wiping Marine Varnish

Thanks Lazlo, I didn't realize the login issue until after I had posted the link.

RE: Wiping Marine Varnish

Just for reference, I just tried the wiping approach for the last coat of varnish on my skerry's rail and it definitely worked easier than brushing the varnish (I previously tried the foam brush and for the skerry it was a complete disaster).  I used lacquer thinner instead of whatever magic syrup interlux recommends and the results are just fine. 

I'm not sure I'd have the patience (or more precisely the free time) to do the many more coats this would require, but I think the technique can allow you to be a bit more sloppy with the "thick" coats then smooth everything out with a few wiped-on coats.



RE: Wiping Marine Varnish

   I had good luck with Epifanes RapidCoat on my big boat's tiller and hatches.  I lack the Zen patience for good varnishing w/ classic varnish, and the RapidCoat let me build coats a lot faster.  It flowed nicely also with just a little of their thinner.  I could get 2 coats per day with no sanding between them.  Sanded after a couple of days' drying for the final coat.

RE: Wiping Marine Varnish

   Wish I'd known about Epifanes RapidCoat.  It would have spared me many four-letter words :)  I'm not sure whether I have the Zen patience for a real varnish jobs, but my kids certainly don't..

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