Smallboat anchoring

I've been reading the many and varied opinions on smallboat anchors and anchoring posted on this forum---many of them expressed by people with serious experience in the real world.  All the discussion by people whose opinions are worthy of respect has started my re-examination of my own cherished opinions.

I've long been a proponent of Danforth-style anchors and have had good luck with them on both smaller and larger boats for over 50 years on the saltwater, but I've always known they were not a perfect solution and required (like most things in boating) careful, knowledgeable handling.  John Harris' remarks concerning both anchor size and the Bruce-style anchor were expecially thought provoking and started me researching the topic.

Chapman's Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling has always been my go to guide and the Internet (I'm a software architect by trade) extends my reach.  During my research I came upon this article which I found particularly informative and wish to share:  The author has an interest in one of the anchor designs, but the article appears reasonable objective.


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RE: Smallboat anchoring

Interesting article. 

Perhaps we should talk about a jetty anchor, for no good reason. It is a graple style anchor made from #3 or #4 rebar. It is dropped in the rocks when fishing the jetties. When hopelessly hung up you cleat it off and power away. The rebar bends and/or breaks and you get your hook back.    It can be tough if done by hand. It also doesn't hold well anywhere else. It is rusty and difficult to store.

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