oarlock chains vs wooden toggles/twine

I am torn between the classic look of brass oarlock chains or the varnish saving wooden toggles and twine. For those of you that have chains, did they mar the finish or did the oarlock itself mar the finish with repeated use?  I fully realize the hard brass oarlock will dent the varnish as well as the oar shaft on the outside rail. I also expect to change the oarlocks accordingly with different rowers and oars at the three seats, so is the chain easier to remove the oarlock than the knot and toggle. The toggle would be at least 1/8" diameter with a double loop of 1/8" twine. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks

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RE: oarlock chains vs wooden toggles/twine

 For my dory,  I made small pieces out of some scrap Spanish cedar left over from cutting the thwarts, roughly 1/2" thick x 1.5" long,  tapered, and with a 3/16" hole drilledin them that is vertically oriented in place.   Epoxied them to the hull right under each oar lock. Tie  a 1/ 8 nylon line through the eyelet on the nrass oar lock.  Thread it thru the hole in the block and tie a slip knot in it.  With the slip knot, it won't pull thru the hole and your oar lock is securely tied down.  To release, just slip the slip knot.   Looks good, no metal, no scratching.  I put these under all 6 oar locks.  

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