OkoumeFest Recap is Up!

The official recap and photo album is here.  There are more photos over on Facebook.

Thanks again to everyone who made it to OkoumeFest!

A really dope collection of customer-built boats this year.  Every single one of them at a level of finish that could have won a prize.  At length we chose these:

Best in Show:  Paul Sobon's 16-foot proa
Best Kayak:  Lou Farhood's Petrel
1st Runner-Up Kayak:  Dan Thaler's Petrel
2nd Runner-Up Kayak:  Tom Suppan's Night Heron Hybrid
Best SUP:  Lance Proctor's self-design strip-planked SUPs
Best Laszlo:  Laszlo

Photos and descriptions of the award winners on Page 3.

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RE: OkoumeFest Recap is Up!

Well, I'm not suprised to see Laszlo won for "Best Laszlo". Next year my goal is to take away that title from him. It's gonna be tough, but I'll definitely give it a shot!

George K

RE: OkoumeFest Recap is Up!

   Did Laszlo make his sign or did CLC?  He certainly is a big proponant of CLC and a great resource.

There are some great looking craft in the photos.  Now if my shoulder will ever heal maybe I can get back on the water.


RE: OkoumeFest Recap is Up!

Laszlo's sign was handcrafted by robots.   

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