oarlock attachment

I see that the instructions call for bedding the oarlocks with silicone.  Is that just a generic recommendation?  I always keep a tube of 3M 4200 around for such things.  I only used silicone for bedding portlights.  I guess the assumption is that they'll have to come off at some point and polyurethan like 4200 is too adhesive?

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RE: oarlock attachment

I would go with silicone.  Any polyurethane would be too permanent and seriously risk damaging the wood if for some reason your grandkids ever have to replace/move the oarlocks for some reason.

While 4200 has much less holding power than 5200, 4000 UV has about half that of 4200 and silicone is probably below half of 4000 UV.  Also, silicone comes in clear where if you use a polyurethane, you might have some white showing to contend with.

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