ne dory oars

I want to get a set of spoon blade oars for a ne dory ,solo rowing and would like opinions on length I'm about 5'9" 

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RE: ne dory oars

   I read a lot about oars before making a set for my NE Dory. I settled on 8' length, and they work well in all three rowing stations. Mine are flat blade oars base on the Peter Culler design.

RE: ne dory oars

   Oar length = ((A+B)+9)x1.34
A is beam at oarlock
B is water to bottom surface of oarlock (in inches)


I think this is from John Harris's article in woodenboat.

RE: ne dory oars

   I have a pair of spoons and flat blades from CLC, both 8 '. Work great and I'm 6' 4". I tried a pair of 9' carbon fiber sculling oars and didn't like them at all. Just to difficult to pull through the water. Maybe I was just used to the 8 footers.

RE: ne dory oars


Can you tell a difference between the spoons and the flat blades?  If so what?



RE: ne dory oars

   The spoons are my favorite, they seem to be lighter and I get a firmer finish at the end of the pull. If that makes any sense. I got the flat blades for the novice rowers that  I would have with me. 

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