First Launch!

After exactly two months of construction, my Northeaster Dory finally got splashed with lake water. If you are interested in seeing some pictures and a couple of brief video clips, I have posted them here:


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RE: First Launch!

   Beautiful boat Jeff and congratulations!  I wish I had your speed.


RE: First Launch!

   Thanks, Hooper. But I have to admit that if I were more patient, I could have taken a run at creating a showroom boat. That's not me, though, and it's not really the boat I want. I've been addicted to the building process and to seeing progress . . . and I've been driven on by the prospect that winter weather will bring an end to epoxy work in my unheated garage.

Maybe I'll build a showroom boat next time -- perhaps  a CLC kayak that comes apart at a bulkhead and becomes two pieces of livingroom sculpture when not in use! I've seen some pictures but can't remember which boat.

RE: First Launch!

   The Shearwater Sport breaks down into three pieces and is a very good all round boat.

RE: First Launch!

That's it! The Sectional Shearwater Sport. But it's so beautiful that I might always leave it in the livingroom as a work of art.   

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