Chesapeake 17 bow and aft fillets

i am ready to apply the fillets and am wondering if there is a trick or technique to get the epoxy into the far hard to reach ends f the bow and stern?  Also, it seems difficult, if not impossible, to get the tape all the way to the ends.  Do I just rely on end pours for this?  Thanks.  Bruce

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RE: Chesapeake 17 bow and aft fillets

   Figured you would like an answer to keep building. I have built a Shearwater not a CH17 so ...

1. yes, the thickened epoxy fillet can be used to close any gap. place some pastic taped in place on the outside to help the fillet take the correct shape. It will save much sanding later. you will be glassing the outside of the hull, and therefore have planty of strength. Are you biulding from pre cut kit? if so I woud question why things are not lining up so well.

2. On the SW17 the fillets are done with the deck off - no problem reaching. Someone else will need to help you with the CH.

RE: Chesapeake 17 bow and aft fillets

it's a little more work to get the epoxy into the ends.  my 'trick' is to use 'craft sticks' which are basically large popsickle sticks that are 3/4 inch wide and the ends are half circles. you can also make one with a scrap piece of wood.  but i find it has the right balance between not so wide that the fillet is too large and not so narrow that the fillet is too small.

first i would do one end at a time.  this reduces the drama and gives you plenty of time to work.

next you will simply 'scoop' the fillet material onto the end of the craft stick and push it into the boat's bow or stern and then smooth over it using the radius of the stick.  you may find when you do this you have to add a bit more fillet material as you push the material into the ends and force out any big air bubble.  clear up any excess on the side once you have the fillet smooth.

once your fillets are done (and before they have hardened) you will tape over your fillets.  for the fillets that join the bottom of the hull to the sides, you will need to cut the glass tape at an angle to fit into the fore section and follow the line of the bow angle (Note:  you should cut and test fit your tape prior to any filleting).   the tape does not need to got all the way into the ends and can be an inch to an inch and a half short of the end becuase the fillet will take up room and when you glass the center line....that glass will also extend back as well overlapping the side glass if it is short of the end.

as for the end pours....they ensure that the deck is joined to the hull securely at the ends.  they don't really address or should be so large as to encompass the hull side to bottom joints.

hope that helps


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