Chesapeake 17 Aft side bottom joint

I am ready to.fillet and I finally have to face the fact that my aft bottom panels extend beyond the side panels by 1/4 - 3/8 in. I assume I need to cut/ file the excess maintaining the curvature as best as possible.  I also assume I should do this before I fillet but I am concerned that after I remove the "excess" wood I will not be able to close the seam with a new stitch.  If that is the case is it acceptable to simply rely on the fillet/epoxy to do the job?  Thanks.

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RE: Chesapeake 17 Aft side bottom joint

if the difference was smaller...1/8 inch say, i would go ahead and fillet and trim.  but you indicate somewhere between 1/4 to 3/8 inch.  so i would trim it back first and put a new stitch or two in if you need to.

you can use a 1/16 drill and and make new stitch holes on the end to pull it together if your 'trimming' trims into the existing stitch.

not a big deal to put a new stitch in during the process.


RE: Chesapeake 17 Aft side bottom joint

Mine too!


RE: Chesapeake 17 Aft side bottom joint

Ooops, here's the picture


RE: Chesapeake 17 Aft side bottom joint

Yep, the bottom panels are too long. Just ignore it, do all your internal filleting and glassing, then use a belt sander or whatever and sand off the protruding part and re-establish the radius. When you round over the vertical edge for glassing, you will never know that the bottom was once a little longer. All the exposed plies will mask any sliver of fillet goo that gets exposed.   


RE: Chesapeake 17 Aft side bottom joint

the only point i would make about why i would cut the bottom first... to line up with the top panel.... is that at the ends, if your ends don't align, you will develop a misalignment on the sides of the panels....and then you could end up sanding through the veneer when you try to sand the panels flush with one another.  and also, as nemochad will have a sliver of fillet...that wont match the top panels.  while all of these are minor....

25 seconds with a sharp saw and you have perfection.  why wait?

RE: Chesapeake 17 Aft side bottom joint

I'm in the process of stitchin the hull to the side panel now.  The front side panel & bottom lines up at the front but when I looked at the rear, the bottom extends about 3/4" longer than the side panels!

Did I do something wrong? Is this a typical issue?  Should I cut the bottom, sand and stitch it now so that it lines up with the rear side panels.  Or is there another way without cutting the bottom to line up with the side panel?

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