Waves in fiberglass

Building a Koholo 14.  I have a few spots on ths side and bottom where the glass dried with some waves in it - 1/2' wide by 4" long, about 1/4" apart.  I've sanded them down, added epoxy, and sanded again, so they're not terribly noticeable.  I can probably live with them, but if anyone has any ideas before I eurethane, please let me know.  

But more importantly, does anyone know what I did wrong in the lay up process to cause these?  I don't want to see these on the top, which I am about to do.  Much obliged!

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RE: Waves in fiberglass

usually waves are becuase of two much epoxy on the first wet-out....and the glass ends up 'floating' up and/or creating waves.

the best way to avoid this is to use a plastic squeegee/spreader when you are doing that first application of glass.  the squeegee removes the excess resin and pushes the glass down against the okoume plywood.  you only want enough resin on the first round to wet out the cloth.  so anything more and you are just inviting waves or 'float'.

use the later fill coats to fill the weave.  the first coat is to just get the glass down.

hope that helps....


RE: Waves in fiberglass

   Perfect, thanks!!


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