Chesapeake 17 Deck Beam


I had some trouble cutting a proper bevel for my Ch 17 deck beam - I think I needed a couple more hands to do it properly.  At the end of the day I have a good fit at the top of the beam but below that it tapers away - roughly - from the sheer clamps.  Do I simply fill all the space (generally not more than 1/4 in) with thickend epoxy?  


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RE: Chesapeake 17 Deck Beam

So the angle on the end of the beam is off? -if so, then don't sweat it. Install it with thickened epoxy, place light clamping pressure across the sheer to hold it in place, gently tool the epoxy into a fillet all around, and add two pair of 1"x2" tabs of glass over the fillets, from beam to sheerclamp. Omit the screws specified in the manual. 

RE: Chesapeake 17 Deck Beam

   It turns out I had a reasonable amount of contact so I had already gone ahead and glued with hi kneed epoxy and then used the screws.   Don't think I deformed the hull when I installed the screws but you have made me wonder - will need to check on that.  The tabs are a great suggestion - would have prevented me from  somehow  missing the sheer clamp with my drill.   Have been learning an incredible amount n this build - I'm hoping my next one will take advantage of all the mistakes this time around.

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