Roll-Call: Who is planning on displaying in Mystic?

Planning on displaying my plans built Eastport Nesting Pram. May not get the final coat of Brightsides on the hull in time, but it will be there.

Don't look too close, please.


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RE: Roll-Call: Who is planning on displaying in Mystic?

���I am planning on bringing an older Mill Creek 13 and a just launched (at Meet at the Beach, Groton) Night Heron Hybrid. I was curious as to the logistics at the Wooden Boat Show for the CLC display. So I gave them a call. They said that it was going to be an informal display of CLC boats. In honor of John Harris (who is going to be recognised for his phenomenal work in the wooden boat community). Unlike at the "I Built it Myself" display, the CLC owners will not be required to be with their boats during the show. I'm sure it would be appreciated if you were there to answer questions and inform the show goers what a great thrill it is to be able to build your own boat with little or no woodworking skills. On Sunday there is going to be a CLC boat parade down to the draw bridge in the center of town and back. You may bring your boat to the North entrance (not the main South entrance) Thursday PM, or Friday AM for the free display set up. I'm hoping to meet up with fellow builders to compare notes. So for one weekend BYOB (bring your own boat) What a great weekend for anyone that has anything to do with CLC and congratulations to John, you have made many a dream come true.

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