Coaming lip dimensions

N.H. 18'/Hybrid.....I don't want to use the supplied plywood pieces to build up the riser or lip.  I have been following Nick Schades books and videos but they seem to have different measurments.  What are  the typical/best dimensions?  So far I see that the riser is 3/4" from the deck to the bottom of the lip.  The height of lip 3/16" or 1/4" or 3/8" which would be added above the 3/4 ontop of the riser.  Next is the thickness of the individual strips that I will laminate together.  I have read they can be 1/16" or 1/8" thin.  Which is better?  Obviously thinner strips would bend eaier but are harder to actually mill for myself atleast.  It would also take atleast 12 layers if it was 1/16th.  An 1/8 would take 6.  Will the 1/8" bend easy enough?  That leaves the width (laterally/wide) of the lip itself...3/8" - 1/2" - 3/4".  I like the idea of the 3/4.  More lip to grab on for the skirt.  Love for anyones opinion before I build the lip.  Thanks

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RE: Coaming lip dimensions

The lip supplied with the Chesapeake kits is made from 4mm Okoume and is 1.5" wide, stacked on top of two 4mm spacers.  It is very strong and makes a great handle for lifting the boat but is bigger than needed. 

The Petrel Play kit supplies a 1" lip with four spacers all made from 3mm Okoume.  It works well but I would not want any smaller because it is a little harder to get the skirt on. 

Copied the 1" lip from the PP but with 4mm Sapele when I built the Wahoo.  I love how it looks but I wish it were just a little larger when it comes to lifting the boat.  The 18.5' Wahoo is a bit heavier/cumbersome to lift and a little more handhold would be good.  I am currently building a Frej for my wife and am going to split the difference with a 1.25" lip.

RE: Coaming lip dimensions

You want about a 3/4" gap to the bottom of the coaming lip.

If you're doing vertical strips for the riser, they only need to be about 1/4" in thickness. You'll sand, fillet, and glass the outside surface to the deck, then bend the lip strips around the outside of the riser. In most woods, the strips can be 1/8" wide. I'd shoot for 1/4" high, which leaves room for sanding down to about 3/16". Six of the 1/8" strips will give a lip of 3/4" which is plenty wide.


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