You'd better hope you capsize!

Yesterday the winds on my lake were in the 10 - 20 range and it was hot. At one point I decided to drop my sail and take a swim. Fortunately, I also decided to keep a good grip on the attached main sheet when I jumped over the side.

It's amazing how fast the Northeaster Dory can drift downwind in those conditions! With the sail up it might drift away even faster -- unless you are lucky enough to have it round into the wind.

I'd much rather have a capsized boat full of water than a free-floating boat that drifts away faster than I can swim!

Note to myself: Wear that PFD! 

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RE: You'd better hope you capsize!

   If I were to leave the sails up I'd p.....well........ I wouldn't do that. But if you did letting the main sheet run, ie not cleated or held by the swimmer, will keep it from bringing in the sail and sailing off under a reach. Having a weather helm also helps. 


On swim breaks I usually anchored or left someone onboard. When swimming in current I'd stream a line aft of the boat with a fender attached to keep the bitter end floating and easier to grab onto and hang onto. 

RE: You'd better hope you capsize!

All that sailing/rowing efficiency translates directly to it being able to scoot away from you amazingly fast.  The other day on Greenlake, my EP started to escape with the main luffing.  I was just able to grab it in time before it fetched up on the "dam".  That's exactly why I have 30' of polypropylene double braid as a painter lark's headed onto the front grab handle.

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