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I am just starting a 15' sailing/rowing skiff that I will use for beach cruising.  The plan is to paint the hull exterior/interior and varnish the spacered inwals, transom, seats and spars. 

For the interior, I am considering Interlux Brightsides.  I have used this on several kayaks and it has held up rather well and I like the numerous color choices.  I would mix in some Intergrip to make the bottom non-skid and use straight Brightsides on the interior sides.  Have anybody else used Brightsides with Intergrip?  Any other suggestions/comments?

For the exterior, I am looking for something a bit more durable than Brightsides.  I am considering a silicon based product called Wearlon Wetlander.  It is reportedly very tough and low friction but I don't know anybody who has actually used it.  My concern is that this is an irreversible decision, in that once I put silicon on the boat, I will always have to use silicon based paints.  Has anybody out there used this product or one similar?  Any other suggestions for a tough paint?  Thanks!

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RE: Paint Choices


I used the InterGrip non-skid additive with Brightsides on the seats and the inside of the bottom on my Peeler Skiff. After 3 seasons, it shows no wear and certainly works as advertised. You can use deck shoes, sandals. or bare feet with no fear of slipping.

I believe that you're underestimating the durability of Brightsides. As long as you do not leave the boat in the water for weeks at a time, it is pretty hard, durable stuff. I use my Peeler, About Time, off of gravelly beaches with plenty of sharp broken shells. Her Brightsides finish has held up beautifully. If you give the Brightsides a week or so to fully cure, it gets pretty close to gelcoat.



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