Eastport Nesting Pram : Advice on paint

I will have my Eastport nesting pram ready for painting this weekend.  The pram will be the dinghy for my 31-ft Tashiba sailboat and is going to get hard use.  I've done a fair job on the hull, but it's not perfect.  I'm debating between going thru the effort of layering on multiple primer coats to smooth out the surface - or just going ahead with a few coats of poly and calling it good enough.  A few ripples showing is not going to annoy me - as long as she rows well and doesn't take on water!  Opinions?  Suggestions for what paint to use?  I want to go white on the outside, but not sure what to paint the inside.  Thinking of blue as I'll have a blue accent strip on the outside and blue transoms


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