Dust Deputy

Finally got around to getting the aforementioned item I bought (after seeing a post here) earlier this year hooked up & into use.

Darned if it doesn't work exactly as described!!

Mounted on a plastic 5 gallon bucket w/lid (I added a 1/4" plywood stiffener under the lid during assembly) it gets 98% of the dust off my tablesaw or miter saw before the airstream gets to the shopvac's filter. Ths thing's gonna save me some $$!


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RE: Dust Deputy

   I love my Dust Deputy.  A bit cumbersome, but bag buying is a thing of the past.

RE: Dust Deputy

As a casual builder/woodworker I really can't justify a proper dust removal system for my small shop. That said, I did buy a Dust Deputy & think its one of the better accessories I got for my Eastport build. It really does work & I've yet to have to clean out the shop vac. Still some dust around but very minimal.

I did make a wheeled platform to drag it around the shop, though. Its a little akward but gets the job done.

I recommend it if you want a basic dust collection tool for the shop. 


RE: Dust Deputy

The Dust Deputy is awesome. Alas, I went a bit bigger than a five gallon bucket for mine but only because I had some inexpensive plywood in need of being used for something: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0aGtnIORGEkTCx (built from Woodsmith plans)

Not so sure how well it'll work when it comes time to sanding cured epoxy -- I think it'll probably end up flowing through and gumming up the shop-vac's filter. But so far, working with the tablesaw and bandsaw is far more agreeable.

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