CT small boat venues

I may be uprooting from the Chesapeake and heading north to Connecticut, with my skerry in tow.  Never having sailed Long Island Sound and vicinity, what are the promising areas to try w/ the skerry?  I only know from sailing w/ keelboaters from there about the insanely expensive big boat scene.

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RE: CT small boat venues

Other than doing navigation problems on charts, I have no personal knowledge of the area.  I would hop on the trailer sailor forum and ask.  It's a great forum that I was on for years.

RE: CT small boat venues


tons of places to sail/row/paddle in Connecticut/RI/Mass (don't forget, three tiny states doesn't even make one middle sized one. 

Start with the CT DEEP website of public boat launches. personal favorites are:

  1. Little Narraganset Bay - Barnes Island Preserve boat Launch - Sail/row/paddle to Napatree beach
  2. Bluff Point State Park
  3. New Haven Harbor
  4. Thimble Islands, Stony Creek Branford
  5. Norwqlk Islands
  6. ...

Just to name to name a few salt water destinations. tons of fresh water locations - lakes and rivers. Dozens of launching sites on the Connecticut River.... Not to mention MA or RI.

Let us know if you actually move here!



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