NE Dory: Questions and Observations from First Day on the Water



Drat the web interface deleted my last draft. Ok here is the short version:

Great first day.  Thanks to everyone for the wealth of knowledge in this forum. I finally got out on the water and here is what I worked through:

If you have the Sail Upgrade, you need to relieve lower corners in that that "critical inch" in the batten under the rail on the mast. My shrouds got pinched in the jib block eyestrap and hung on the corners and then prevented the sliders from moving over that inch. I quickly detached the port shroud (thanks to turnbuckles I installed yesterday) and gave the shroud a tug forward. Seemed to do the trick. When I got home I took a dremel to the corners of the batten.

Geometry: So the boom is LOW. Like.... jibing is out of the question and tacking was like my worst limbo stick nightmare.. I had to lift the boom ever time I tacked, even when seated on the floor. My last boat ( a Zuma) never had this issue.  I double checked mast height and boom length, and location of the gooseneck. All checked out per the manual. However, I think I installed the outhaul fairlead about 1.5 inches too far forward. So I fixed that when I got home: I put it just 3/4 inch shy of the end of the boom. I also adjusted the knot in the clew to take up less space. All in all I think I bought back about 3 inches on the outhaul.  And the top of the mast: I pushed the halyard block to within 1/2 inch of the top, maybe buyiing another inch and some there ( dont like making holes at the ends of wood generally). I may use a smaller shackle at the peak  and get 1/2 inch or more there too.  I am hoping that reclaiming those inches, the sail geometry will raise the boom a bit. But still. Jeez. I could catch it right in the jaw. Makes me think twice about bringing a friend or two in the boat, unless I reefed the sail or got a lug rig.

Jib: The jib sheets kept getting snagged on the jib halyard cleat. I got home and moved the cleat up 18 ish inches. Hoping that will do the trick.

Oar collar buttons: is there any way to have a removable oar collar button so that the oars arent fixed to the boat ? or do oars come out with the oar locks?

Bridle length: how long do folks set their bridle? Mine, when stretched vertically, has the block come within 2 inches of the boom. Tighter? Looser?

Why do fishermen always hang around the boat ramp? Do they want their lines snapped? It would be the last place I would go to fish.

I had two different people approach me and complement me on the wooden boat and want to talk about it. These boats make people happy.

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RE: NE Dory: Questions and Observations from First Day on the Water

>>>Geometry: So the boom is LOW.

How tall are you? Seated on the floor, the nominal boom clearance is 32-34 inches. A Sunfish is 32 inches (less if you're racing). A Laser is about 22 inches.

I'm 6'1" and it just seems like a nod of the head.

Northeaster Dory

RE: NE Dory: Questions and Observations from First Day on the Water

   Thanks for that John. That will give me somethign to check against next time I am out on the water.... hopefully Wednesday. I'm 6 foot. I suspect I may have had the the mast rake leaning a little too far back also. I'm going to figure out a quick means to check rake while setting up. The boat ramp does not offer a fair surface for perspective.

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