epoxy shelf life

BEen dragging my feet on this project, had unopened epoxy 2  years .should I use it?

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RE: epoxy shelf life

Heck no! It's terrible, all rotted and useless. Just send it to me for proper disposal. :-)

Seriously, it's fine. I've used 7 year-old epoxy with no issues. Just check the resin for white crystals on the bottom of the bottle. They form if the epoxy got too cold (not an issue if the temps never got to freezing). If you see crystals, just put the bottle into hot (140F or so) water until they melt.

Have fun,


RE: epoxy shelf life

I had a similar experience after the hiatus between getting our Passagemaker Dinghy completed in rowing form one season and then finishing all of the fins and sticks to get her sailing for the next.

My solution was the same, though I forget how I got the idea.  After warming up the stuff until it became clear, I mixed a couple of test batches and tried ilt both clear on the surfaces of some odd bits of the leftover plywood and thickened to use in gluing up parts.



RE: epoxy shelf life

do a couple small test batches....if they work....you're good to go.

i have routinely successfully worked with epoxy over three years old.



RE: epoxy shelf life

   Not a probem. I use older Mas and WEST epoxy all the time. Crystalization is a problem with the MAS epoxy, and not just freezing - my basement is between 50 and 65 degs F and the Mas likes to crystalize - easy fix except for the pumps, I usually replace tham or start measuring in marked cups. The WEST expoy resin turns dark as it ages. Still is strong, but not so good for clear coating if you are going for a bright finish.

When ever in doubt, make a test batch and glue up/ coat  some scrap wood. Watch it kick properly and then do your project. Will save a very messy clean up project!!

Have fun boat building,


RE: epoxy shelf life

   Good to know, I'm in south florida so not much freezing weather

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