Mill Creek 13 coaming strength

Hi Forum, thanks for you previous help. Should I strengthen the coaming with resin coated cloth. When car topping it & as the cockpit is large the straps will go around the roof rack & over the coaming putting all the pressure on the coaming. I believe the kayak is put on the roof rack right side/deck uppermost. Thanks & Cheers, Chris

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RE: Mill Creek 13 coaming strength

   Hi, I forgot to add I used 6 mil Meranti for the bottom & coaming. 4 mil gaboon everywhere else, every thing epoxy coated with west system. Chris

RE: Mill Creek 13 coaming strength

A layer of glass cloth adds almost no strength in compression (pressure). Virtually all its strength is in tension (pull).

Where glass cloth helps on a coaming is by adding a large degree of abrasion resistance because of the resin-impregnated fibers. Once epoxy resin fully hardens it's as tough as formica.

So if you want to protect your coaming from being rubbed by the straps it's a good idea. If you want to make it resist the strap pressure it's a waste.

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