skerry plywood water stain

Hi all, I am in my the second season of using my Skerry which I love, but today after trailering my boat through a nasty 2 hour heavy storm I noticed some staining on the plywood. The stain is about 1/2"x 3".It looks like some water got in through a crack in the plywood (picture 2).  The wood is not soft, on the surface, but I can jam a needle in between the plies all the way down. I want to get this fix right so I hope someone here may have some advice. 



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RE: skerry plywood water stain

Bummer but pretty common, only cosmetic at this point. Sand a bit of varnish away around your repair area. Poke and pry at the crack to open it up enough to get some thickened but runny epoxy in there. Fill, let it drain down into the crack, drip/poke some more in till you can't make it take any more. Sometimes I use a thin leaf of a feeler gauge set aside for that purpose. Seal the top. Varnish.
I don't know how to get rid of the discoloration though.

RE: skerry plywood water stain

   Make sure you let the wood dry very thoroughly before you make the repair. You might consider using a gentle heat lamp to warm the wood and speed that process. Much of the discoloration will probably disappear as the wood dries.

RE: skerry plywood water stain

   Thanks for the tips everyone, maybe it is wishfull thinking but it does seem like the stain is getting smaller as it dries.

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