Stitch and Glue Peapod?

I was just looking at the Stitch and Glue Boatbuilding class being offered at WoodenBoat School this August... John Harris is teaching and "in this class, students will build an attractive, 13′6″ peapod of Harris’s design". 

The boat looks beautiful:

I dont think I've seen it before - is this a new design?


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RE: Stitch and Glue Peapod?

Damnit!  I'm already dealing with wanting to start building a Tenderly XP and a NanoShip 3.0 (even before I'm done building my Passagemaker) and you have to show me this magnificent design?

It's definitely got the John Harris touch.  Love the spacered inwales.  As a Valiant 42 enthusiast, I also love the canoe stern.  It's even got a centerboard!

Can someone please show me where I can find the plans and the brochure?  

RE: Stitch and Glue Peapod?

   Beautiful boat, but probably a teaser.Those aft side seats need to come out further perhaps or you will sail this boat with your butt in the bilges and your back is going to feel those the way they are now. I'm sure that  they will figure it out. They allways do. But that's definitely a beautiful boat. I've owned a Crealock 37 and was friends with the late Bill Crealock and double enders and canoe sterned boats are Sexy! 

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