Shearwater Sport / Deck Installation

I am in the process of Building, and just want to clarify the instructions.

Two questions. First egarding the second coat of Epoxy in the bow and stern areas.

I just want to be certain,that this does not require a second layer of cloth tape, only a second coat of epoxy to fill the weave in the first layer of cloth tape. Is the entire area of the inside of the bow and stern? Secondly after coating the inside area of the deck with cloth and Epoxy. Does the deck get attached to the hull while the epoxy is curing, or after the Epoxy has completely cured?

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RE: Shearwater Sport / Deck Installation

Question #1:  only a single layer of tape is required.   you are just filling the weave with the second coat of epoxy.  in the bow and stern areas you want a second coat of epoxy to ensure that you are sealing the wood from any possible moisture intrusion as these areas are not accessable once the deck is on.  while you may not see it, a single coat is likely to leave little gaps...that can let moisture in.  a second coat is like insurance to ensure that has not occurred.

Question #2:  the deck gets attached to the hull after the epoxy has cured.  that said, there is cured as in no stickiness (typically less than 24 hours) and then there is fully cured.  understand that from not sticky to fully cured can be weeks.  i try to work with pieces like this when they are not sticky as they are a little more pliable than when fully cured.. 

that said, no real problem if you wait, just have to push and pull harder to get everything to align.  if i have a long time to wait (like i have to leave on a on holiday or business trip), i often do something with the peice to hold it securely in the shape that it needs to be.  over time, unsecured, a deck not attached to the hull will drift (as will the hull).   a simple way to do this, is to at least tape the hull and deck together (with strapping tape) until you can come back and actually seame it with epoxy.


RE: Shearwater Sport / Deck Installation

   Thank You H Spira

That Is the answer I was hoping to hear, for both questions.

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